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Nicholas's Story

Nicholas is our 7 year old sweet boy who has dealt with seizures since birth. Seizures were under control for the first 2.5 years of his life but right before he turned 3 years of age he started having more severe seizures that did not response to anticonvulsants. Since then, we have tried almost all medications available, as well a dietary treatments (Keto diet), VNS and brain surgery with no success. He’s currently on several seizure meds but still seizes every day. The last seven months have been particularly hard as the increase in seizures has caused him to lose the ability to walk, a skill that he mastered at the age of two. He’s non-verbal and can’t communicate his wants and needs but we never get tired of looking for treatments that can potentially help improve his quality of life. We continue to work fiercely on helping him gain his skills and strengths back and fill him with love and hugs every chance we get. Nick has a sweet 3 year old brother who loves to hug him and is a great helper. 

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