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The registry is an important tool to help researchers gain a better understanding of SZT2 and ultimately develop more effective treatment options. If you or your child has been diagnosed with SZT2, your participation could help advance the knowledge of SZT2! 


In creating and maintaining a meaningful registry of patients with SZT2, our shared goals are to better understand the full range of clinical features that are associated with SZT2, and to provide a resource of natural history data. As the promise of gene-specific medication is now on the horizon for epilepsy, it is critical that the SZT2 phenotype be well defined so that there can be clear goals and outcomes to measure in any future clinical trial.

Enroll in the Registry


Participation in the registry is easy. All we will ask of you is to answer some questions about your/your child’s medical history, and to provide us with a copy of your/your child’s medical record.
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