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Everyone Affected by SZT2 Has a Story.

Some of our kids' seizures cluster more than once a week, while other seizures' are more controllable. Some have "tonic" seizures, some have "absence" seizures, other types or no seizures at all. Many start having seizures before they are a year or two old. Some gain seizure control with medication or as they get older, while others do not. Some children are also diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and/or can exhibit behavioral and psychological challenges, while others are more "mentally and cognitively typical".

What all of our amazing kids have in common is their strength and power to inspire us families and care-givers. They have been our inspiration since day one of diagnosis; seeing them struggling with the simple day to day activities of life and hardly ever complain is  beyond comprehension.

Please take some time to get to know them through these pictures and the words of their loved ones.

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